Most of the tomato growing season has been mostly wet. It’s rained often with only a few days of sunshine here and there. Even when it didn’t rain the sky was cloudy. I was concerned that my tomato plants weren’t getting enough sun for growth.

Finally over the past week we’ve had more sunny weather and the plants have had a chance to grown and produce blossoms. Some of those blossom have produced fruit. They are still green but I have hope that we’ll soon had some red delicious fruit to eat.

 image, NIKON CORPORATIONNIKON D5100 20130720 0131 fvuuqn

Using the lens baby is a challenge. The lens baby does not have any electronics that can communicate with the CPU in the D5100. Everything has to be done manually. I chose f/4 because I thought it would allow for a balance of depth of field and exposure. I set my D5100 to manual mode and used a light-meter to set the shutter speed.

 image, NIKON CORPORATIONNIKON D5100 20130720 019 eevc6q

The 10+ macro lens allowed me to shoot up close to the subject. However, shooting that close meant that very slight movements of the subject caused things to go out of focus quite easily. I didn’t think I would have the patience for this. In fact I tried using a lens baby a few years ago but quickly gave up in frustration. Perhaps my photography skills just weren’t up for the challenge at that time.

 image, NIKON CORPORATIONNIKON D5100 20130720 021 oi8fxu

Tomato was originally published on Island in the Net


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