I love my local farmers’ market. I try to make it to the market every Saturday but that’s not always possible. On the days when my personal schedule doesn’t permit me to drop in for even for just 15 minutes, I really miss it. I’ve been going to the market for at least the last three years but the market has been around much longer than that.

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Two of my favorite vendors this summer is Mallery’s Grazin’ Meats and Villa Milagro Vineyard. Mallery’s meats are sourced from Simply Grazin’ in Skillman, NJ. The meats are organic and the animals are grass fed. Villa Milagro is located along the Delaware River in Finesville, NJ.

Villa Milagro Vineyards uses organic and sustainable practices to provide a protective habitat for native species of birds, plants and wildlife, as well as to grow grapes without use of pesticides or herbicides.Villa Milagro

My favorite Villa Milagro wine is the Delicado. What’s a Delicado? I have no idea. The wines are a blend and I was told the names are made up. But a name won’t tell you how a wine tastes or if you’ll enjoy it. Each of use have unique tastes buds. I love the Delicado. It’s fruity, slightly sweet and very refreshing.

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I normally get burgers from Mallery’s but wanted to try some steak. I got some sirloin which I grilled along with some sweet potatoes.

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It is traditional to drink a red wine with meat but I know what I like. I enjoyed my dinner!

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Grazin’ was originally published on Island in the Net


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