On vacation with the Fuji X-E1

I rented a Fuji X-E1 and Fujinon XF 18-55mm f/2.8-4 R LM OIS to play around with during a recent family vacation to Sandbridge in Virginia Beach. Although I was disappointed in the camera I did capture decent images for the few days I had the X-E1.

The following have been lightly processed in Adobe Lightroom; auto tone, some cropping, and auto leveling.

The first two images are very similar but one is a HDR from three bracket images combined in Photomatix Pro.

 image, X E1 20130802 180 1 2 MERGE f8gp7g  image, X E1 20130802 178 ygldoe

My brother-in-law took this portrait of me with my wife and kids. I wanted to capture some sunset images from the nearby nature preserve. I was concerned that I wouldn’t make it to the preserve in time. I handed the camera to my brother-in-law. He still shoots his DSLR in full auto mode.

 image, X E1 20130802 267 cx5kld

I found it challenging to photograph the flying gulls. I’ve done it before with my Nikon but found it quite challenging with the Fuji. It was difficult to track the birds using the electronic viewfinder.

 image, X E1 20130802 171 uolqki  image, X E1 20130802 163 pieab4

The X-E1 has a panorama mode. In this mode, I held the shutter down while panning slowly from right or left. It took several tries but I felt I got the hang of it.

 image, X E1 20130802 135 d79cm3  image, X E1 20130802 134 wpdend  image, X E1 20130802 104 ojki5j

I love this photo!

 image, X E1 20130802 1002
 image, X E1 20130802 099 hjg4tu
 image, X E1 20130802 093 hvbdyu
 image, X E1 20130802 075 rvjlij
 image, X E1 20130802 074 mdeuv8
 image, X E1 20130802 067 qdfbgh
 image, X E1 20130731 056 blijqq
 image, X E1 20130731 052 rpv1jz
 image, X E1 20130731 051 try4eg
 image, X E1 20130731 045 v9dspy

On vacation with the Fuji X-E1 was originally published on Island in the Net


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