I’m an avid photographer

I’m often asked by other photographers and new acquaintances1 “what kinds of photographer are you?”. Am I a nature or landscape photographer? A portrait or wedding photographer? I know what they are asking but I’m often frustrated at finding the right word(s) to describe my work. Until now.

I went out for a walk to clear my head and get a cup of coffee. I spend the first two hours of my work day crafting information security governance documents and I needed a break. As I walked along the sidewalk I started reading an article by photographer Jorge Quintero’s. A lot of what Jorge wrote connected with me but the one word that made me stop to think was the word “avid”.

Jorge wrote:

My byline says it all. I’m an avid photographer. That’s what this blog is about with a strong emphasis on photography and yet sometimes not just limited to that. I will always have a stronger connection with blogs that bundle their content with a first-class personal story and whether I write about a photography gear I own or an experience I had shooting, it will never just be another gear review or rant as I will always aim to instill personal meaning into it.

 image, NIKON D5100 20131012  4 n6f5tw

I stopped and pondered the one word and then the paragraph. I know what kind of photographer I am. I am an avid photographer who blogs. I love taking photos. Photos that have meaning to me. I love writing about the emotion and thoughts that were going through my mind when I took the photo. I am enthusiastic about learning about and doing the craft of photography. I love the technical and hardware side of photography. I love knowing how the various components of my cameras work.

Like Jorge, I admire the work of other photographers. Trey Ratcliff is one photographer whom I admire greatly. However, I am not inspired by them. For me inspiration comes while out walking while listening to trance music from my favorite artist like Armin van Buren and Chase & Status. Music can change my mood. Often the music that I’m listening to triggers a thought which causes me to see something in a scene that resonates with me and triggers and emotion. Like a word.

  1. When they find out I’m a photographer. 

I’m an avid photographer was originally published on Island in the Net


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