Lightroom CC the old and Lightroom CC the new

What the Heck is (The New) Lightroom CC? by Lightroom CC the old and Lightroom CC the new image, %nameRichard Harrington (Photofocus)

Adobe just announced that there are now TWO VERSIONS of Lightroom. There is the previous Lightroom (now called Lightroom Classic CC) and a new product called Lightroom CC. Let's try to make sense of the new application. What is Lightroom CC Lightroom CC is a whole new app that is built on the same imaging technology…

I think this is a good move. I have often wanted to edit any photo in my catalogue while sitting on my couch with my iPad. The current version of Lightroom CC has a cloud sync feature. When I am out and about I often snap images with Adobe Lightroom Mobile on my iPhone 7. I make edits and share immediately or I wait until I get home and edit in Adobe Lightroom on macOS or on my iPad Pro.

But when I am not in front of my iMac I want to edit images in the catalogue. I just wish there was a way to access the Lightroom CC catalogue from my iPad Pro when I am home. I don’t necessarily want my images stored in the cloud. My main area of concern is this:

Lightroom CC syncs everything to all devices including easy to lose mobile devices.

That concerns me from a storage and privacy perspective. My catalogue is just under 1TB. Apple’s maximum storage for iPads and iPhone is about a quarter of that (before other apps and their storage are accounted for). Then there is the issue of how to get the catalogue to Adobe’s data centre. Some broadband providers have data caps as low as 300GB. Plus at current upload speeds, it could take a month of continuous uploading before you images are finally available.

With all of the images available via a web interface, it’s only a matter of time before Adobe has a major breach and your client photos are exposed. Imagine telling your client, “Your nudes and boudoir images may have leaked online”. Or telling some parent, “Someone accessed and downloaded your child’s photos”.

But this, this makes the new cloud-only option unlikely for me.

… I’ve confirmed that the migration tools aren’t meant for frequent back and forth handoffs. Migrate a library in and go forward (not go back).

Er. No, thanks. I don’t want my files (and edits to those files) being trapped inside the restrictions of a cloud service. This curmudgeon is sticking with Classic.

Lightroom CC the old and Lightroom CC the new was originally published on Island in the Net


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